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Pionira Services


Pionira offers an accredited e-CMR service via the Xynaps platform, integrated with existing systems. Please find an animated video on the bottom of this page.

Pionira is technical partner of the transport federation TLV (Transport en Logistiek Vlaanderen) and cooperate closely with OTM. Pionira has partnerships with the most  commonly used systems (ERP, TMS, WMS and on-board computers) to make all these integrations possible.


E-Move or electronic moving waybill is a service specifically designed for movers. They no longer need to use paper documents for a move. Via our service, an electronic moving waybill can be created, and additional attachment can be transferred digitally to the driver.

For this we work exclusively with the Belgian Chamber of movers.

e-Identification form

With the digital IDF we offer a solution for the waste industry! By using this service waste producing, transporting and processing companies experience the advantages of paperless waste transport.

Based on one data set, our service creates both the e-CMR and the e-identification form. Both documents can be created simultaneously by existing integrated systems.

For the provision of the e-identification form, Pionira is the only company with Ovam approval. We work together with Denuo as a technical partner with OVAM (Flanders) and DSD (Wallonia) approval.


Transport of contaminated or non-contaminated soil

Earthmoving is the amount of soil that must be moved for an excavation or embankment or a combination of both, so that a road or structure can be built.

Pionira is a technical partner of Grondbank vzw, which takes care of the administrative aspects of earthmoving. You no longer need to make the document on paper, Pionira will prepare Grondbank documents together with the e-CMR in one movement.

Web order entry

Most companies are highly computerized, but we note that one-off or non-recurrent assignments between different parties are still archaic. These orders are usually sent by fax, telephone or email. This results in extra administration for the contractor, which can lead to a larger margin of error by retyping information.

Via the WOE (web order entry) your client can enter his order or upload it via the Xynaps platform. Xynaps will then process the data and submit it digitally via an integration to the application of the contractor. This ensures that processing can be done faster and more accurately.


From now on, contracts can be drawn up, exchanged, stored, consulted everywhere and signed digitally in a secure manner. This between two or more parties via the e-contract service and the Xynaps platform.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a programmed contract whose appointments are recorded in computer language on the blockchain. The contract is automatically executed without the need for (trust in) an intermediary. These appointments can always be viewed, but cannot possibly be modified.

A smart contract is anything but a paper contract under which you sign with a pen, as we are used to. The smart contract contains all the information of the contract: the persons between whom it is valid, when the contract should be executed, when the agreements have been made, ...

Kiosk integration

By using our e-services, you can also connect the Xynaps platform with your Kiosk. We set up this connection which reduces waiting times at your gates. Since we have all the necessary information in our e-services we can ensure that the registration can be done faster and more efficiently.

Time slot booking

Time Slot Booking (also abbreviated as Time Slotting) from Pionira is the service to offer customers

the possibility to use Time Slotting via the platform in addition to creating the e-documents.

Yard management

A Pionira service designed to monitor the traffic of trucks and trailers on the site of a production facility, warehouse or distribution center.

Yard Management Service (YMS) provides real-time information on the location of trailers on site and to execute orders efficiently.


EFTCO Cleaning document: ECLIC has called on Pionira's expertise to develop an app for the chemical sector, specifically for tank cleaning. Each tanktrailer, container or IBC  must be cleaned after each transport by an approved cleaning station.

By using this app cleaning administration can be done completely paperless.

More info on


E-Phyto app is a collaboration between Pionira and T-Minning. Pionira developed the app and T-Mining took care of the development of the smart contracts on blockchain.

The purpose of the e-Phyto app is to make the phytosanitary checks run faster and more efficiently. For phytosanitary checks security has the highest priority.

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